Integrated Solar Design, LLC racking system exceeds 100 PSF Snow Load

Testing by Structural Design Partnership, LLC, has been completed and has demonstrated the Integrated Solar Design system can withstand over 100 PSF (pounds per square foot) snow load. The test assembly was actually loaded to an ultimate load of 252.2 PS

Lakewood, Colorado, January 22, 2009 -- Testing has been accomplished at the Integrated Solar Design, Lakewood, CO facility to certify its Sealed Racking System for a snow load of 100 PSF. Tests were conducted in accordance with the International Building Code Section 1713.2 by Structural Design Partnership, LLC. of Golden Colorado. The system was loaded to a superimposed snow load of 200 PSF for a period of over 24 hours with no damage. The assembly was tested in both portrait and landscape configuration. A test load of over 6600 lbs was placed on the test assembly. Integrated Solar Design is certifying its system in an effort to bring integrated solar to high altitude, heavy snow areas. It is a well known fact that PV solar performs most effieciently in cold high altitude conditions.

Integrated Solar Design, LLC was formed on the premis that solar can be beautiful. Not only is the system beautiful, but it has proven to be very strong.

Press Contact
Delmar Benjamin, Public Relations
Integrated Solar Design, LLC